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The environment in the school is beautiful, homelike, and stimulating to children’s curiosity and learning. Materials and natural elements are displayed purposefully and thoughtfully throughout the environment. Children’s work is given value and importance through documentation and display. The environment conveys the clear sense that children and their work are valued and appreciated. Our students come from a diverse population where each child brings his or her distinct heritage, direct experience, and talents to the learning environment. Our classrooms foster collaboration and children learn with and from one another. We offer full and part-time programs year round from August to July. We are open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am - 4:00pm and occasional Saturdays for program events. We offer children activities such cooking, yoga, music and movement, etc. For more information call and schedule a tour TODAY!

"The Language Grove Community Preschool is a unique Spanish Immersion, play and nature based, organic, and eco-friendly preschool and toddler center located in North Hills, California. Children in our school are seen as being fully competent and capable of learning about the world around them through discovery and investigation. At the Language Grove, teachers listen to the children’s interests and questions and provide tools and materials to help the children follow their investigations.The teachers learn alongside with the children as they explore the environment of the school and neighborhood community."

We Are Proud To Be Green

We believe that children’s growing bodies, minds, and spirits require nourishing foods, free of pesticides. We try our best to serve as many organic products as possible, including fruits and vegetables from our own garden. Children are given the opportunity to be surrounded with positive food choices and appreciate that their decisions, including what they eat, have an impact on our planet. We strive for a strong school community where children can participate in many earth friendly activities such as, gardening, eco-friendly arts and crafts, recycling, etc. We are also big supporters of mud activities and celebrate "International Mud Day". In addition, our school is very proud to use only natural, non-toxic cleaners to clean and disinfect furniture and toys.

Meet Our Founder

Ms. Yessy Beltrán, M.A.
School Founder-Director

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