Welcome to the Language Grove!

We are a unique preschool tucked away in North Hills,California. We work with children 18 months to 5 years oldand our goal is to instill the love of learning to each of our unique students.

Spanish Immersion

Our Spanish immersion program is taught by fluent native speakers that are both English and Spanish speakers.


Outdoor Classroom

We believe the environment to be a third teacher and as such we experience nature and all the academic benefits it has to offer.

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Child Based Learning

Children are born curious and through that curiosity we foster the love of learning. We delve into questions and inquiries children have and work alongside them as they make their own discoveries.

Arriola Family

We have been a part of the Language Grove family since 2018. We came across this amazing school when searching for bilingual programs in the SFV. It has been such a blessing! Our family loves everything about the school. Language Grove has provided our twin boys with a perfect hands-on curriculum to help them grow developmentally in each of the school years that they have attended. The love and attention the staff gives each student is irreplaceable. Our boys feel safe, loved, and most importantly are given opportunities to express their thoughts and feelings. Ms. Yessy and the Language Grove staff are supportive and knowledgable in early childhood development and continue to learn the best practices to make sure every child has what they need to thrive. Hands down, this was one of the best decisions we have made for our boys.


Arriola Family

Familia Lara

Our experience with Preschool didn't start very well, my oldest was 2 when he started going to a different Preschool and it was an awful experience, but then a friend recommended The Language Grove. We came to the meetings and tours and we were super impressed. So... They would be all day outside, playing with mud and surrounded by nature?? Done! Let's do this! I was really nervous at first after our first experience, but it was amazing. The teachers (and everyone there, really) are super sweet and nurturing, they understand every kids individual needs and personality and guide them to feel safe, secure and independent! So when my second child turned 2 we enrolled him too, and he loves it too! Loves his friends, loves the school and loves his teachers! They love it so much that when we pick them up, they always want to stay a bit longer and play a bit more. I didn't want them to be in a classroom all day (there is plenty of time to do that!) I wanted them to be outside, play, share, meet amazing people and learn. And of course the Spanish! Thats a plus that if we as parents nurture in the coming years Im sure thy will appreciate in the future. So yes, I would recommend The Language Grove in a heartbeat!   Familia Lara

Hayashi-Dickson Family

The Language Grove Community Preschool is the perfect fit for our son. We met with Ms. Yessy, the Director, in October 2020, in the midst of the pandemic. Ms. Yessy gave us a tour of the school and put us at ease with their rigorous COVID regulations. She was also clear on the school’s philosophy and what our parental expectations should be when he graduates. It was obvious that this was a school that was focused on providing quality education above merely collecting tuition. We quickly enrolled our son into The Language Grove Community Preschool. We knew he would need a nontraditional school and the school has exceeded our expectations. The school’s philosophy is the perfect environment for him because they do not rely on memorization or traditional curriculum, but on experiences, collaboration, and respect of the environment within their Spanish Immersion program. Our son is an energetic boy that loves to explore and thrives in their outdoor learning environment. His teachers are nurturing, attentive, and patient. I wish we found this school earlier because we would have enrolled sooner. ~ Hayashi-Dickson Family

Slowik Family

The Language Grove has everything I want in a preschool education.  They have a distinct teaching philosophy, caring and experienced teachers, and the best environment for our little ones.  They not only tolerate overprotective and involved high maintenance parents like me, they understand and proactively address my concerns.  As a result, I trust the Language Grove staff completely—and I don’t even trust my own parents to babysit.  If you told me two years ago that I would be insisting that both my children attend a Spanish Immersion Forest School, I wouldn’t even know what you were talking about.  The Language Grove has made a complete believer out of me, and I now tell everyone who will listen about the forest school philosophy.  I can’t imagine sending my children to any other preschool for their crucial early years of growth.   Slowik Family


I enrolled my son at age 18 months with the Language Grove. I was overwhelmed by the choices in preschools, teacher styles, teaching theories and approaches. I knew that where I sent my son to school was going to have a long lasting impact on his development and well-being. I was fearful and hesitant to leave him in the care of someone else. The Language Grove provided my son with a learning environment that supported curiosity, a love of nature and outlet for creative growth. My son is a natural builder, loves to work with his hands and loves nature. This strengths were capitalized on at the Language Grove. The Spanish language component has made him confident in conversation across cultures and I feel has strengthened his ability to relate to others. Due to the fostering of his natural abilities at the Language Grove my son has only increased in his natural abilities, he now recognized his own strengths and this self-refection has allowed him to feel secure in now a tradition learning environment-Public School. He is open to new experiences and can see himself as a valuable contributor among his peers. I now have twin girls and decided to enroll them at the Language Grove at age 18 months. The teachers immediately greeted them with such warmth and gentleness as their bond is different for single birth children. The Language Grove recognized their bond and worked to understand their relationship and support them in transitions, explore independence from each other and learning to navigate peer relationships. I can see the development of each of my children’s strengths and personalities. The Language Grove closely observes them and works to cultivate these talents. My twin daughters are creative explorers and love clay and mud activities. This is provided fully in their program.   Thank you for helping to raise my children! Nadia

The Quintero family LGBTQ

A few months before our son was born we were at a restaurant and we mentioned to our waitress that we were expecting our first son. She spoke to us about this amazing school that her daughter had gone to which had the philosophy of Emilia Reggio! We said to ourselves “that sounds like an amazing school,  we should check it out”. Truth is, we forgot all about it!  When it was time to start looking for a pre-school.  We Heard about the The Language Grove from our neighbor. At our first meeting when Ms Yessy Started her presentation, we immediately remembered that conversation with the waitress. This was exactly what we were looking for and 10 minutes into our meeting we knew this was exactly the school for us! The Language Grove is an amazing school, atmosphere and philosophy! We were excited to join the LG Family. What’s wonderful about LG is the teachers, the sense of community amongst all the families, The bilingual education and the outdoor experience for the children… Especially the mud pit! We weren’t looking for daycare, we were looking for our son to have an experience that would enhance his early development and LG delivered on all counts! We are an LGBTQ family and have always felt welcomed and included in all aspects of the school.  Our son only has one more year here and we wish Ms Yessy would open an elementary school so we could continue with The Language Grove! Lastly, what we love most is that it feels like we’re dropping our son off with family rather than just another school. Sincerely, The Quintero family

Casselman Family

Our son attended Language Grove Preschool from 18 months to graduation.  We could not have made a better decision for his development by sending him here!  The caring teachers and staff and the sense of community made our pre-school experience a wonderful one – not only for our son but for our family as well.  The school’s programs and philosophy promoted our son’s language attainment of Spanish and important values such as respect and acceptance of others, caring for community and nature and encouraging creativity and development through play.  Thank you, LG, for the opportunity to be a part of your community! With much love and appreciation, Casselman Family