I enrolled my son at age 18 months with the Language Grove. I was overwhelmed by the choices in preschools, teacher styles, teaching theories and approaches. I knew that where I sent my son to school was going to have a long lasting impact on his development and well-being. I was fearful and hesitant to leave him in the care of someone else. The Language Grove provided my son with a learning environment that supported curiosity, a love of nature and outlet for creative growth. My son is a natural builder, loves to work with his hands and loves nature. This strengths were capitalized on at the Language Grove. The Spanish language component has made him confident in conversation across cultures and I feel has strengthened his ability to relate to others.

Due to the fostering of his natural abilities at the Language Grove my son has only increased in his natural abilities, he now recognized his own strengths and this self-refection has allowed him to feel secure in now a tradition learning environment-Public School. He is open to new experiences and can see himself as a valuable contributor among his peers.

I now have twin girls and decided to enroll them at the Language Grove at age 18 months. The teachers immediately greeted them with such warmth and gentleness as their bond is different for single birth children. The Language Grove recognized their bond and worked to understand their relationship and support them in transitions, explore independence from each other and learning to navigate peer relationships. I can see the development of each of my children’s strengths and personalities. The Language Grove closely observes them and works to cultivate these talents. My twin daughters are creative explorers and love clay and mud activities. This is provided fully in their program.


Thank you for helping to raise my children!