Hayashi-Dickson Family

The Language Grove Community Preschool is the perfect fit for our son. We met with Ms. Yessy, the Director, in October 2020, in the midst of the pandemic. Ms. Yessy gave us a tour of the school and put us at ease with their rigorous COVID regulations. She was also clear on the school’s philosophy and what our parental expectations should be when he graduates. It was obvious that this was a school that was focused on providing quality education above merely collecting tuition.

We quickly enrolled our son into The Language Grove Community Preschool. We knew he would need a nontraditional school and the school has exceeded our expectations. The school’s philosophy is the perfect environment for him because they do not rely on memorization or traditional curriculum, but on experiences, collaboration, and respect of the environment within their Spanish Immersion program.

Our son is an energetic boy that loves to explore and thrives in their outdoor learning environment. His teachers are nurturing, attentive, and patient. I wish we found this school earlier because we would have enrolled sooner.

~ Hayashi-Dickson Family