The Quintero family LGBTQ

A few months before our son was born we were at a restaurant and we mentioned to our waitress that we were expecting our first son. She spoke to us about this amazing school that her daughter had gone to which had the philosophy of Emilia Reggio! We said to ourselves “that sounds like an amazing school,  we should check it out”. Truth is, we forgot all about it!  When it was time to start looking for a pre-school.  We Heard about the The Language Grove from our neighbor. At our first meeting when Ms Yessy Started her presentation, we immediately remembered that conversation with the waitress. This was exactly what we were looking for and 10 minutes into our meeting we knew this was exactly the school for us! The Language Grove is an amazing school, atmosphere and philosophy! We were excited to join the LG Family. What’s wonderful about LG is the teachers, the sense of community amongst all the families, The bilingual education and the outdoor experience for the children… Especially the mud pit! We weren’t looking for daycare, we were looking for our son to have an experience that would enhance his early development and LG delivered on all counts! We are an LGBTQ family and have always felt welcomed and included in all aspects of the school.  Our son only has one more year here and we wish Ms Yessy would open an elementary school so we could continue with The Language Grove! Lastly, what we love most is that it feels like we’re dropping our son off with family rather than just another school.


The Quintero family