Familia Lara

Our experience with Preschool didn’t start very well, my oldest was 2 when he started going to a different Preschool and it was an awful experience, but then a friend recommended The Language Grove. We came to the meetings and tours and we were super impressed. So… They would be all day outside, playing with mud and surrounded by nature?? Done! Let’s do this!

I was really nervous at first after our first experience, but it was amazing. The teachers (and everyone there, really) are super sweet and nurturing, they understand every kids individual needs and personality and guide them to feel safe, secure and independent!

So when my second child turned 2 we enrolled him too, and he loves it too! Loves his friends, loves the school and loves his teachers! They love it so much that when we pick them up, they always want to stay a bit longer and play a bit more.

I didn’t want them to be in a classroom all day (there is plenty of time to do that!) I wanted them to be outside, play, share, meet amazing people and learn. And of course the Spanish! Thats a plus that if we as parents nurture in the coming years Im sure thy will appreciate in the future.

So yes, I would recommend The Language Grove in a heartbeat!


Familia Lara