Visualize this thing you want. See it, feel it, believe in it. Make your mental blueprint and begin. -Robert Collier

While using our outdoor classroom, Olivia and a friend were interested in the Loose Parts area. Their imagination wheels started turning as they looked around. Olivia had a great idea to make a heart. She mentioned to Ms. Mirna that she wanted to use a piece of wood and colorful rocks to make a heart.

Olivia: Quiero hacerun corazón, necesito tacky glue. (I want to make a heart, i need tacky glue.)

Ms. Mirna: ¿Como puedes comenzar tu corazón?” (How can you start you heart?)

Olivia: Mmm…yo no se. (Mmm…I do not know) Addison who was close by offered to show Olivia how to make a heart.

Olivia accepted and followed Addison. The plan that Addison had was not to create a sculpture but a blueprint. She knew that a drawing was necessary to create a design.

Addison: Yo se como. (I know how.)

Ms. Mirna: ¿Que materiales necesitas para hacerlo? (What materials do you need to make it.)

Addison: Necesito uno lapiz y papel. (I need a pencil and paper.)

With Addison’s help Olivia was encouraged to start developing her own blueprint to create the heart she aspires to build. As Olivia and Addison went to work and this sparked the interest of other peers nearby. They collectively decided to design their own blueprints in their journals. Lani wanted to make a circle, Kyle a triangle, Lana a flower, Maizy a circle, and Athena a bee. Ms. Mirna couldn’t help but wonder where will this moment of creativity would lead them.

Teacher Reflection

Addison’s support and understanding of creating a drawing (draft) of the design was crucial to the creative process. While working together on finding a way to design their idea, the children were able to express and accept help from one another. Through the use of their problem solving skills, communication, and collaboration skills they were able to make this a wonderful and teachable experience that did not require teacher directives. Staff Author Ms. Mirna