Meet Our Staff

Ms. Yessy Beltrán, M.A

School Founder-Director

Hello Everyone. It is a great please to have created The Language Grove Community Preschool. The creation of this beautiful school was born from the fact that as a mother I was unable to find a preschool for my then 2 year old daughter, Isabel, where I felt our needs as student and parent could be met. Isabel has been my inspiration for the formation of this school, from the philosophy to the design of the classrooms, the nature component, and the environment as a whole.

My extensive background in Early Childhood Education has allowed me to create an environment for young children to learn and be supported during their formative early years. I hold a BA in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education with an emphasis in ages birth to 8 years old. I also hold a certification as a Director from the California Commission on Teaching Credentialing. In addition, I’m a professor at Los Angeles Mission College, where I teach Child Development classes to students interested in entering this amazing field.

In 2008, 2017, and 2019, I had the opportunity to participate in the “World Forum in Early Childhood Education” in Belfast, Ireland, Auckland, New Zealand, and Macau, China. I was privileged to be a part of the Reggio Emilia study tours in 2006 and 2008.

I have many years of experience working with children in various educational settings as a teacher, director, and administrator. Lastly, I consult with local schools and Directors interested in opening new early education programs.

Being an Early Childhood Educator is my passion and I cannot imagine myself being in any other field. In my free time, I love taking my beautiful Siberian Husky on hikes, enjoying quality time with my family, reading my favorite author, Isabel Allende, watching foreign films, and when I have the time I truly enjoy traveling!

Ms. Yessy Beltrán, M.A
School Founder-Director
Email: Director@thelanguagegrove.com
Cell: 818-601-8833

Thank you for being part of our school community and our village!

Ms. Vania Vasquez


I am currently attending CSUN and pursuing a BA in Child Development. I began working with children as a volunteer during high school. I quickly fell in love with teaching and went to school to acquire my certificate. I began my teaching career as an assistant and quickly moved up to a teaching position. I have been working with children since 2011 and have gained great experience and valuable knowledge. My work ethic is strong; I am hands on and engage children in age appropriate activities. I believe children need to have the opportunity to explore and be creative as well as listening to children’s interest to help understand their needs and uniqueness.


Ms. Vilma Velasco


I am grateful to be part of The Language Grove Preschool. I have been in the early education field for 20 years. When I was younger, I helped raise my siblings. When I came to this country, I helped care for my two nephews. That is when I realized I enjoyed nurturing children with their curious minds. I enjoy teaching children and seeing how they develop to reach their potential. This inspired me to pursue my education and career in Child Development. I am extremely happy to have found The Language Grove Community preschool, where I learn new and progressive ideas to guide your children.

Ms. Kailin Lemus


I’m proud to be part of The Language Grove Community Preschool team. I have a true passion for working with our youngest learners!! Helping each child progress in all areas of their development— academic, social, language, and motor—is a challenge that I am honored to accept daily. I strive to create a community of learners that nurtures this growth in a positive, fun environment . I have a passion for working with children and could not imagine myself in any other profession. I truly enjoy teaching. The thing I like most about teaching is my students. I love interacting with them, I love learning

from them, I love helping them understand the content of any course and I love when they see the connection between what they are learning and their lives. I am currently attending college to pursue my master’s on Early Child Education. I look forward to continuing to have a positive impact on the children’s growth and to new discoveries with an amazing team of teachers.

Ms. Susana Sanchez


Hello Language Grove Community. Since I was a child, I knew that I wanted to work with children and most likely to major in the field. In my country, I studied the career of Preschool Teacher and was fortunate to work 20 years in different schools. Six years ago, when I arrived to the US, I started focusing again on majoring in Child Development at Mission College to obtain my permit as a preschool teacher. I am convinced that the first stage of the human being is fundamental for development. They acquire personality, responsibilities, skills, and knowledge of the real world. What I learn in school, I put into practice at home with my two children as well at The Language Grove. I thank The Language Grove Community Preschool for the opportunity to be part of the team.

Ms. Marleny Murillo


“I’m very happy that I have the opportunity to be a part of the Language Grove community, where I’m able to connect and build relationships with the students and families. I absolutely love working with children and being part of their continuous growth. I’m currently attending school to receive my bachelor’s degree in education.”

Ms. Jenny Cruz


Hello Language Grove Community. I have been working with children for the last three years. I enjoy being part of a child’s life in different levels. I currently hold my Associates Degree in Child Development and will continue to pursue on getting my Bachelors degree from CSUN. During my free time I like to listen to music and play with my dog Tillen. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your children’s lives and your school community.

Ms. Nereida Macias


Hello everyone, my name is Nereida Macias. I have been working as an Assistant Teacher for the last year and a half, and I am currently working towards a degree in Child Development. Being a Teacher has been wonderful! I love to see the creativity that shines through children’s art and play. I enjoy expanding my knowledge in all subjects including new methods of teaching. I am a mother of three beautiful girls. On my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, listening to music, dancing, and going on road trips. I look forward to gaining more experience as a teacher and working alongside with you and your children!

Ms. Betty Carrillo

School Care Taker

I joined the Language Grove Community Preschool in 2014. I enjoy being a part of tis school because it gives me the opportunity to be with children and provide them a pleasant, safe, and clean environment that they can enjoy. I have 3 children and have been married for 28 years. My experience as a mother has allowed me to nurture children’s needs. I have enjoyed seeing them grow and develop, I truly enjoy coming to work every day.

Ms. Katniss

School Ambassador

Hello Everyone! I’m a very special rescue kitty. I feel very happy and honored to have been rescued by The Language Grove Community. Please feel free to look for me on the school grounds any time you have a treat for me or wish to pet me. I welcome lots of love, tickles, and catnip.

I understand if you prefer to stay away due to allergies but we can still be friends. Please remind your children to be gentle with me, not pull my tail and please be respectful of my personal space. I love posing for pictures, just so you know!!!

Mr. Rafael (aka- “Rafa” or “Rafi”)

Emotional Support Ambassador

Hello Everyone! I’m your new best friend at The Language Grove. I’m currently being trained to be an emotional support dog for all your children. I love to run, play, get muddy, and absolutely welcome water games. Being with your children to help their emotional development will be my most important job at the school.

Please feel free to seek me out and give me love, pet me, but please do not feed me. I’m on a special diet for smart dogs like me. However, I love to take pictures and to play. Just like my co-worker, Katniss, please remind your children to be kind and respectful to my needs. I think we will have lots of fun together. I also, understand if you need to stay away due to any allergies.