Outdoor Kitchen Play

“Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning.”-Diane Ackerman-

The children independently take the lead in building relationships and expanding their en-gagement through play. With the help of dramatic play, the children had the opportunity to work in the kitchen area when Charlie, Leyla, and Mathias put into practice their cooking skills. Taina later joins the play.

Charlie demonstrates to Layla how to stir the pan and then place it on a plate.

Leyla grabbed the large pan and continues her cooking to serve her friends a delicious meal.


Macarrones con carne! (Macaroni with meat!)

Teacher Reflection

Dramatic play encourages children to role-play real-life scenarios, which helps them discover their creativity and imagination. The children independently prac-ticed how to engage with others, share, and take turns while cooking. Their inter-action and engagement continued after several attempts to serve a plate full of delicious macaroni and meat.