The Study Of Adhesives

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. -Edgar Degas-

The children are introduced to the sculp- tures of Antoni Gaudi. The introduction is followed up by two books based on his works: Fotoguia El Park Guell by Josep Liz and Park Guell Guia Visual De La Obra Completa De Antoni Gaudi by Carlos Giordano Rodriguez and Nicolas Palmisano. Immediately Jeremias, Violet, Jaime, Nai Lee and Kiarke are drawn in by the details. Together they eagerly dissect the images before them.


Mira esta torre se mira muy grande como un sky scraper. Las torres estan hasta arriba donde la puntita

toca las nubes.

(Look this tower looks really big like a sky scraper. The towers are high were the top touches the clouds.)

Violet A.

Esta se mira como una flor de muchos colores. (This one looks like a flower with a lot of colors)


Wow! I like this dragon los teeth the lengua and wow!

Look the wings!

(Wow! I like this dragon the teeth the tongue and wow!

Look the wings)


A mi me gusta el dragon del parque Guell, porque se mira como que esta volando en el rio con agua y de-

spués volo como un dragonfly.

(I like the dragon of Park Guell, because it looks like is flying in the river with water and latter it flew like a dragonfly)

Nai Lee

Yo fui aqui es Barcelona, with my mama, papa, and my sister Ariana.

(I went here it’s Barcelona, with my mama, papa, and my sister Ariana)

Ms. Vania

¿Yo me pregunto, que uso el señor Gaudí para pegar todas esas piezas juntas? ¿Que piensan ustedes? (I ask

myself, what did Mr. Gaudi use to glue all the pieces together? What do you think?


Yo creo que usaron mmm… es como cemento porque cuando le arreglaron la casa a mi papa usaron ce-

mento para construir las paredes para juntarlas y pe- garlas. Primero se pone el cemento y con el sol se


(I think they use mmm… its like cement because when they fixed the house for my dad they used cement to construct the walls to glue them together)


Yo creo que uso mucha cinta. (I think he used a lot of tape)


I think usa muchas cosas for the dragon like mmm… glue. (I think he used a lot of stuff for the dragon like

mmm… glue.


Yo creo que uso mucha cinta y pego todos los pedaci- tos de colores para que el dragon tenga todos los col-

ores del rainbow.

(I think he used a lot of tape and glue for all the small parts with color so the dragon can have all the colors of the rainbow)

Nai Lee

I think a lot of rocks like big ones together.

Teacher Reflection

The study of the Gaudi's work is rich. The children study color, size, comparisons to other architectural work, intentional details and its ability to ignite the imagination. Seeking a common thread the teacher invites the children to examine Gaudi's creations from a practical perspective. What is the medium holding togeth- er all of these pieces? It will be interesting to see where this question leads. What other discoveries will be unearthed?

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