Sembrando En La Primavera

To Plant a Garden is To Believe In Tomorrow.-Audrey Hepburn_

Sage classroom welcomes Spring with excitement. The children have been working in small groups for several weeks with the planting process. With the introduction of the onion, tomato, and strawberries, children collabo-rated and developed responsibility in caring for their plants. Justice, Xol, Kenji, Jimena, Maddox, Alexa, Issa, and Eric continued their engagement, pointing out what garden bed we should use, picking up garden tools, and finally watering the plants.

Ms. Diana: ¿Hola, que hacen? (Hello, what are you all doing?)

Juliet: We need this dirt. Ms. Diana ¿Para que ocupan la tierra? (What do you need the dirt for?)

Dahlia: We’re getting ready.

Ms. Diana: ¿Que van hacer? (What are you all going to do?)

Lucy: Ms. Diana estamos haciendo un pastel. (Ms. Diana we’re making a cake)

Calista: I have more mud.

Dahlia and Juliet help Calista put the mud she brought into the small pan.


¿Qué es Ms. Vania. (What is is Ms. Vania)

Ms. Vania

¿Qué piensas que es Xol? (What do you think it is Xol)


Mmm. Una plantita. (A plant)

Ms. Vania

iSi! (Yes!)

Ms. Vania

Vamos a ver la etiqueta para ver que tipo de planta es. (Lets   see the label to see what kind of plant it is.)

Ms. Vania

¿Esta es de? (This one is?) The children observed the image of the tag.


Tomate, fresa, y “nose”. (Tomato, strawberry and I don’t know.)

Ms. Vania

Esta es la planta de cebolla. (This one is the onion plant)

Ms. Vania

Necesito ayuda para plantar todas estas plantas. I need some help on planting all this plants)


Oh, wow muchas plantas. (Oh, wow a lot of plants)

Ms. Vania

¿Donde las plantamos? (Where can we plant them)


iAquí! (Here!)

Alexa grabbed the small shovel to make a large hole to placed the tomato plant inside. Eric helped water the plant after she was done. Jimena was very attentive observing.


iDespacito Alexa!

The children gently continue and repeated each process to plant.

Mixing soil.



Exploring Splash.

Teacher Reflection

Gardening- The children work intentionally to achieve a goal. Their interest is to complete the plant-ing process, which develops into collaboration and turn-taking. Planting gave the children an under-standing of responsibility, self-confidence, and cause and effect. This sensory-motor stimulation activ-ity provides experiences to facilitate exploration and naturally encourage children to use scientific processes while they engage in investigation and inquiry.

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