Observational Sunflower Drawing Group 2

Every Child Is an Artist. -Pablo Picasso-

With Spring comes a new level of mastery for small motor work. Time and maturation allow for more realistic interpretations of people and things. Noting this evolution, the children embarked on a study of sunflowers. Ms. Vania guided the children’s investigation of this flowering plant as well as the many lines which create it. Each question provoked a different perspective from each child. The conversation inspired the work. The children used canvas, permanent marker and acrylic paint.

Group 2 Eva, Reese Manolo, Jimena, Peter, Pablo, Inés

Ms. Vania

¿Qué figura ves en el centro del girasol?

(What shape do you see inside the sunflower?)

¿Cuantas líneas tienen los pétalos?

(How many lines does the petals have?)

¿Son líneas grandes o pequeñas?

(Are they big lines or little lines?)


Yo quiero pintar el cielo azul. Mi florerista es un circulo con

hojas amarillas. (I want to Paint the sky blue. My flower is a

circle with yellow leafs.


Yo puedo dibujar las líneas. IMira! Yo hice un circulo rojo

adentro de la flor. (I can draw the lines. Look! I made a

circle inside the flower.)


Si, Eva yo veo que el cielo a veces es azul un poquito. Pero

las flores salen con el sol. Son un poco redondas pero tiene

muchas líneas y los pétalos amarillos con el néctar rojo pero

yo veo naranja es el favorito color de Santi.

(Yes, Eva I see that the sky is sometimes blue a little But the flowers come up with the sun. They’re a little round but they have a lot of lines and the petals are yellow with the red nectar, but I see orange its Santi’s favorite color.)


Well, I think I’m making the long legs for the flower. It has

two long ones. See like this! I can paint it with yellow and

some red. My mommy likes red but her favorite color is purple.


Mi flor tiene muchas líneas. Tiene muchas líneas pequeñas I largas. iLo hice! Yo quiero pintarlo dos amarillos. Me gusta amarillo. Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez, once, doce, y mas aquí abajo.

My flower has a lot of lines. It has small and long lines. I did it! I want to paint them two yellows. I like yellow. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten , eleven, twelve, and more down here.


Yo pintar blue and lelow. (I paint, yellow) My painting its for my mommy. I make my lineas mallilo. (Yellow lines) Its so pretty my flower.

Teacher Reflection

The children have developed fine grasping skills and hand-eye coordination when working with this fine-motor stimulation activity. They can construct their ideas when communicating with an adult or peers during the investigation of the sunflower. In this process children practice attention span, patience, de-termination and social skills.

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