La Lupa

“Exploration is curiosity put into action”-Don Walsh_

Ms. Vilma left a small table with science materials and magnifying tools as a provocation. She then observed the children’s approach and engagement. The children quickly reached to explore the material and later interested in the magnifying glass.

Charley -Squeezed the droppers while Leyla and

Taina attentively observed.

Leyla – Reached the magnifying glass and gave one to Mathias.

Mathias – Observed Leyla as she was holding the magnifying glass. He then tried to imitate.

Leyla -grabbed both magnifying glass to demonstrate him how to use it.

Ms. Vilma- Eso se llama lupa Leyla. ¿Que vez con tus ojos Leyla?

Teacher Reflection

The children are more attentive to their surroundings while curiosity de-velops with observations between peers. They want to imitate inde-pendently, demonstrating self-confidence with the help of peer's guid-ance. With this approach, the children practice grasping skills, imitation, and engagement opportunities.

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