La Composta

“There can be no life without soil and no soil with-out life; they have evolved together.” -Charles E. Kellogg-

The children are learning different opportunities about their environment. After studying what goes in-side a compost, children can identify and convert waste into rich soil. Composting allowed the children to learn about the earth's life cycle and change over time. They continue saving their food waste inside the large compost for weeks and later use it for our Sage garden. Xol, Alexa, Maddox, Jimena, Eric, Justice and Issa were able to work together in getting the soil out of the compost and find a way to transport it to the Sage garden. Ms. Vania ¿Alguien recuerda donde está la composta grande? (Does someone remember where is the large compost?) Jimena iAfuera! Esta afuera en Fig clase. (Outside! Its outside Fig’s classroom.)
The group went outside to look for the large compost. Jimena Aquí esta chicos. (Here it is guys.)
Step 1. Take out the soil with small buckets into the large green bucket.
Jimena Esta muy apestoso eww! (Its so stinky eww
Maddox Yuk! Stuck.
Issa Its too heavy.

Ms. Vania           ¿Como podemos llevarnos en contenedor de tierra si esta muy pesado? (How can we take the bucket if its to heavy?)

Eric                      I know the wagon the big red one wagon chicos.

Justice       iSi! Its over there. Let’s go.

Step 2. Transporting soil.
Step 3. Mixing water and soil.

Jimena               Está muy seco. (Its too dry.)

Ms. Vania           ¿Qué le podemos poner para que no este seco? (What can we put so its not too hard?

The children responded     iAGUA! (Water!)

Step 4. Transporting soil to garden beds with shovels.

Teacher Reflection

This science activity helps children learn about the importance of the earth’s life cycle. With their collaboration and teamwork, the children practice taking turns, problem-solving, and sharing ideas. Together we help convert waste into soil, transport it, mix and stir while we patiently wait for our vegetables and fruits to grow.

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