“The True Sign of Intelligence Is Not Knowledge but… Imagination. -Albert Einstein

Ms. Vilma left a provocation with large tubes in Fig’s yard, quickly children’s interests and imagination emerge. Charlie, Mathias, Leyla, and Taina explore through play by building with tubes and putting their physical skills and group engagement into practice.

Charlie is demonstrating to her peers how she can carry a large tube with her arm.

Mathias and Leyla observed and soon became interested in the play.

Mathias used the tubes as a bridge inserting toys from one side to the other.

Taina Es un árbol. (It’s a tree.)

Taina observing the tree shadow and the tube shadow.

After exploring with large tubes the children piled them up on chairs to build a house.

Taina Es una casa grande! (It’s a big house!)

Teacher Reflection

Imagination is the pillar to help children develop social, emotional, creative, and problem-solving skills in their early development. This activity encourages creativity in which children were able to bring about their ideas through play and imagination.