Explore and Discover

“Science is what young children do. They experiment and discover”

Mathias was out one morning exploring the yard when suddenly he spotted an unusual crawling bug. It was a stripe caterpillar on one of the milk leafs. He quickly pointed at the leaf trying to get Ms. Vilma’s attention. Together they found a home for the caterpillar to closely study its metamorphosis.
Part 1

The Discovery

Mathias discovering the caterpillar on the milk weed plant.

Part 2

Journal Work

Children observing how the caterpillar moves upside down and documenting their observations.

Part 3

Where did it go?

Taina and Leila observing the cocoon and looking for the caterpillar.

Part 4

The Butterfly!

Children observing the butterfly.

Where is the caterpillar?

Teacher Reflection:

The children are exposed to many opportunities to explore their environment filled with wonder. This Spring we welcome little and new bugs in our yard. With this science discovery children’s interest emerge into investigation through the transformation of a caterpillar. Children discover the process of a caterpillar allowing them to naturally develop and observe empathy, cause and effect, turn taking, vocabulary and social-emotional positive relationship with nature.

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