Experience Literacy

I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library “ - Jorge Luis Borges

You can never be too young to be introduced to literacy. Providing material that can awaken their curiosity is all it takes for children to become lovers of learning. We read many books in our classroom that invokes creativity, imagination, and promotes understanding of new vocabulary that is learned in an organic way.

Stellan was fascinated by a book and began a narrative of what he saw on the pages.

Stellan: Oh no baby!

Ms. Patti: ¿Que paso? (What happened?)

Stellan: Mimi, mimi. (baby is sleeping)

Teacher Reflection

Reading for a toddler may not necessarily mean they are reading the words on the page but it does mean that they begin to understand the emotion that is being conveyed. They understand how to hold a book upright, how to turn a page, where the beginning of story starts. All of this and much more is accomplished through first hand experience and allowing their curiosity that leads them to discovery.

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