Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much. -Helen Keller

Ms. Dulce had an idea that she shared with the children, to bring more butterflies to our outdoor classroom. The children embraced this idea as their own and began the plans for a communal project. Soon the children transformed into invested workers, as the words began to shift into thoughtful and intentional action.

Athena: Mas soil Kyle. (More soil Kyle)

Kyle: Poquito mas! (A little more)

Jax: Let me help you.

Piper: Puedo ayudar? (Can I help?)

Mia: Un poquito(very little)

Suneha: More soil Mia.

Vivi: Mas Ms. Dulce (more)

Mia: Nesecita Mas soil.

Delillah: Need more.

Delillah: These plants need more.

Suneha: To grow big.

Mia: Necesito mas. (Need more)

Luke: Yo planto esta Planta

Ms.Dulce. (I’ll plant these plants.)

Athena: Yo tambien,

mira Luke. (Me too, look Luke.)

Children discovered that the plants need water just like people in order to grow. They examined the difference between dry soil and wet soil. They were able to communicate their discovery with one another.

Teacher Reflection

Working together gives the children a sense of community. Together they develop the ability to solve a challenge where everyone feels value since their thought, opinions, and cooperation were appreciated which made their teamwork a positive experience.

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