Working Underground

Winter 2016
One friend, one person who is truly understanding, who takes the trouble to listen to us we consider a problem, can change our whole outlook on the world.
-E. H. Mayoli

After searching and searching for hidden underground treasures, the children found wiggly worms. The children decided to explore others places around the yard and search for them.

Ms. Maribel: Where can we go to find worms?
Henry: Out of the gate.
Ms. Maribel: Good idea, but what do we need to find them?
Diego: Shovels for garden.
Henry: Yes, I want the blue one.
Jacob: I want the yellow one.
Ms. Maribel: Ok, Let's go and explore.
Diego: I found something, a wiggle worm. Let’s put them in this box. Henry – Let make them a house with soil.
Jacob: I found a worm stuck, I want to save him! Now he can breathe.
Ms. Maribel: Why Jaime?
Jaime: Because they can eat you. I want to find sticks.
Henry: No, they don’t eat children, they eat soil.
Diego: I found others worms, they are shorter and they tickles my hand.
Henry: I found them too, yes it tickles me.
Jacob: I found two long and thin worms.
Jaime: I found one too.

Teacher Reflection

The children shared ideas, worked as a team and with good communication decided where the best place to search for worms was. At one point we discover the fear of a friend and how he overcame this fear with a friend by his side. By the end of our small group for the day, we had a box full of dirt, worms, and memories.