Our Neighborhood Grocery Store

Winter 2015

The children have been inspired by their local grocery stores to create one here at school. They based their grocery store on the experiences that they have had when they go shopping for food. The children went shopping for products that they are most familiar with such as coffee, milk, fruit, and vegetables.

As the children worked in the grocery store some were customers and others worked on their customer service. Nicoletta waited in line with her baby listening in on a conversation that Julian and Mateo C. were having:

Julian: I want coffee and milk.

Mateo C.: But it’s too hot.

Julian: Can you give me a Caesar salad?

Mateo C.: I only have dressing.

Julian accepting that stock was low on this day took his salad dressing and left.

The next customer was Maddie who had patiently been waiting in line while holding her baby in her arms.

Maddie: I want milk for my bebe.

Fortunately milk was in stock on this day and Mateo C. provided his customer with milk.

Teacher Reflection

This was another day at our grocery store, maybe next time there will be more products the customer’s request, for example the Caesar salad. Next time you are in the grocery store notice how observant they really are about products purchased, money exchange, and people interaction.