Discovering Rain

Winter 2017
Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.
-Albert Einstein

With the splash of a puddle our investigation begins! How did the water get there? Taking the opportunity of a rainy day Ms. Patti initiated a conversation by asking: Where does rain come from? Well children jumped (figuratively and physically) at the chance to answer that question:

Inés: El agua es café. (The water is brown)

Stellan: Viene de arriba. (It’s coming from above)

Reese: Agua sale delosarboles. (Water comes from the trees) This was the beginning of our investigation as we will look further into these hypotheses and look forward to the discoveries that await us.

Teacher Reflection

Nature provides us with the perfect learning environment. We will continue to discuss this topic as it evolves in our classroom and have children share their experience with rain. They are full of knowledge and willing to share with others, let us not forget that each story is unique, each experience is one of a kind.