Teamwork (Fixing the Road)

Fall 2016
The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side.

-Margaret Carty

Levi and Lana came together to exchange their ideas and actions into finding a solution to fix the road for their peers to pass on by.

Ms.Dulce: Levi, en que estas trabajando? (Levi, what are you working on)

Levi: I’m working on fixing the road, the road has an ouchy!

Ms. Dulce: Muy interesante Levi. Que vas hacer para arreglar el camino? (Very interesting Levy. What are you going to do to fix the road)

Levy: I’m working really hard. I’m putting my hat on, and cones around so people know they can not pass, because the road has an ouchy Ms. Dulce

Lana: Levi, can I help you put some cones?

Levi: Yes, Lana. Not passing, we are going to fix the road.

Levi: I'm putting the rug to cover the ouchy, Lana.

Lana: Ok. We need more cones.

Bryan: Pasar, pasar. (pass, pass)

Levi: No, pasar Bryan. I'm fixing the road (no passing)

Bryan: Si. (Yes)

Bryan observed what Levi and Lana were doing. In the meantime, he waited patiently on his tricycle.

Levi: The road is ready, listo, listo. (ready,ready)

Bryan: Si. (Yes)

Levi: You can pasa now, I fixed the road.

Teacher Reflection

To fix a road is no easy undertaking. Combining their efforts and clear communication resulted into a successful plan. This experience provided exposure to social interaction, self reflection, problem solving, and promoted self esteem which are essentials tools to succeed in life.