Experiencing Hail

Winter 2017
The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.
-Albert Einstein

What a surprise! It hailed! In the late afternoon the outside yard was covered in hail. The following day Luke shared his experience with the class. Maizy had experienced this before and shared that hail had fallen at her house as well.

Maizy: Ms. Dulce it was raining ice at my house I saw it!

Luke: Rain ice then turn water, was really cold, I catch it with my hands.

Maizy: Yes, at my house, I touch it and then melt on my hand.

Athena: I touch it’s really cold Ms. Dulce.

Rio: Yes, muy frio. (Yes, really cold) Ms. Dulce: ¿De dónde crees que viene el granizo? (Where do you think hail comes from?)

Maizy: From the sky Ms. Dulce, I touch it, and then melt.

Rio: From the sky, door open then came ice.

Maizy: Rain ice from the cloud, but ice can wet people because melt.

Athena: From the sky rain, pequeños circulos, and cold. (From the sky, rain little circles and they are cold)

Luke: From the sky, like rain turn water, melt on my hand too. Muy frio. (Too cold) Mia: El hielo es helado. (The ice is cold) Excited to hunt for any remaining hail, the children headed outdoors. The hail has gotten everyone thinking. I wonder where the adventure will lead?

Teacher Reflection

In order for curiosity to be nurtured, it is important for the adults to provide space for theory formation. This can only occur if the adults refrain from sharing their own knowledge or perspective.