Our Philosophy

At the Language Grove, we believe in the child's own ability to guide their learning and as educators aim to support their curiosity and exploration. 

We do not approach learning from a traditional approach, but rather aim to support their curiosity and exploration. Working in our outdoor environment and connecting with nature is at the heart of our curriculum. Our approach is one that embraces the principals of community and family because we believe that a strong bridge between home and school environment leads to effective learning. We embrace the entire family and welcome participation from mom, dad, grandparents, siblings and extended relations.

Our unique teaching approach, which combines Spanish Immersion, child centered learning, constructivist, progressive philosophy is a great combination to help a child flourish in their early years. Research shows that children who are pushed to perform tasks they are not developmentally ready to do tend to have later problems with school, learning, and happiness. This is why we believe and support each child's thirst for knowledge from a non-traditional approach.