Closer Look Of A Rocket Ship

Spring 2017
The only source of knowledge is experience.
-Albert Einstein

Seamus brought a replica flyer of the Endeavor to share with the class. The children were immediately curious. They referred to it as a rocket ship. After studying the rocket ship, they began to point out the similarities between the rocket ship and a commercial airplane.

Ms. Issa: ¿Que hace un motor en un cohete espacial? (What does an engine do in a rocket ship?)

Seamus: A rocket ship has an engine and fire come out from the end.

Lana: Wow! An engine helps to move the rocket ship.

Piper: The rocket ship has windows.

Maizy: Si un motor necesita el rocket ship tambien. It needs wings to fly in the sky. (Yes, a rocket ship needs an engine also)

Seamus: And needs fire to go faster. Seamus is inspired. He suggested to the group to construct a rocket ship of their own. With only a cardboard box, the children began to look throughout the studio for building materials to use to build a rocket ship together.

Piper: We need windows.

Lana: 6 windows.

Seamus: The rocket does not have windows.

Maizy: The rocket ship has wings to fly in the sky.

Piper: It also need tires so can land.

Seamus: It doesn’t need tires because it only flies.

Piper: Si necesita llantas por qué si no va estar asi, up and down, up and down, y no va poder land. (Yes it needs tires or else it’s going to go up and down, up and down, and it’s not going to able to land)

Lana: It needs tires to land.

Seamus: I do not believe it, but need to fly.

Maizy: I’m going to Canada and I’m going to fly in an airplane. I’m going to see through the window see if the airplane has tires.

Ms. Issa: Creo que es una buena idea. ¿Podrias ver si el avion tiene llantas? (I believe it’s a good idea. Could you see if the airplane has tires?)

Maizy: Ah si. (Oh yeah)

Teacher Reflection

What a powerful experience. Bringing in a private experience and sharing it with a group creates opportunities to relive and reconsider the details among peers. The enticing topic allowed the children to carry on an extensive dialogue while being respectful and considering the different views of others.

Staff Author